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When posting content to the site, all users must adhere by site's Content Rules stipulated below. Server profiles, listings, comments and user profiles are all considered "Content".

These rules exist to help us foster a fair and welcoming community.

Users found breaking the rules may have their content removed and/or their accounts blocked. Action taken is at the discretion of our moderators.


  1. Treat your fellow members with respect. Bullying, harassment and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  2. You may not post duplicate accounts / server profiles (For example, multiple profiles for the same server).
  3. When posting a server profile, you must be, or have permission from, the owner to do so.
  4. Fake voting on content is not permitted. Each vote must come from a legitimate user.
  5. Inappropriate / pornographic content is not allowed anywhere on-site.
  6. Content posted must be suitable for all ages.


If you feel a post has broken any of the rules above, please report this to us via our Discord.